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Book Review: Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds: The Spiritual Journey of an Evangelical Catholic

By Mike Timmis (reviewed by Peter DeHaan)

The subtitle of Between Two Worlds serves as an apt and accurate summary of what the book is about: “The Spiritual Journey of an Evangelical Catholic.”

At first consideration, the phrase “Evangelical Catholic” seems to be a contradiction of terms. However, author Mike Timmis shows autobiographically how these two seemingly enigmatic thoughts are not mutually exclusive.

He deftly demonstrates how they comfortably coexist in his life and ensued through an understandable series of events.

Though faithfully and firmly Catholic, Timmis is also Evangelical. He sees the two as a desirable outcome and points to increased activity and acceptance of Catholics who are also Evangelical.

In addition to providing insight into what it means to be both Catholic and Evangelical, Timmis shares his journey, with its joys and sorrows, success and failures, in an interesting and compelling manner.

This book serves nicely as both an interesting memoir of an amazing man and as a Catholic-Evangelical primer.

[Between Two Worlds: The Spiritual Journey of an Evangelical Catholic, by Mike Timmis. Published by NavPress, 2008, ISBN: 978-1600062483, 256 pages.]

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