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Discussion Questions for Church #55: A Time of Sharing

A time of sharing at church

After 52 Churches ended, a new church launched in our area. Their primary marketing was yard signs, which promoted a fresh approach to church.

With a last-minute opening in our schedule, we have an opportunity to visit and experience a great time of sharing. 

Consider these seven discussion questions about Church 55.

1. Their Facebook page contains recent updates, but they don’t mention service times or a schedule beyond their first two meetings several months ago.

What can we do to make sure we provide potential visitors with up-to-date information?

2. They call themselves nondenominational, but their website—which Candy eventually finds—describes a church that sounds most evangelical. Why not just say they’re evangelical?

Do the labels we use for our church accurately reflect who we are?

3. We’re the oldest people present, with kids, teens, and younger adults all represented. After visiting many churches with older congregations, this is a pleasant change.

What age groups does our church cater to? What does this say about our focus and future?

4. They start fifteen minutes late. I’m not sure if this is their norm or because of harsh weather.

When does our church service actually begin? What does this communicate to visitors?

5. At many churches a time of sharing approaches gossip or bragging. Not so here. The pain they share is not just a lament but also a testimony, teaching and encouraging others.

How can we publicly share our needs and still edify the church?

6. They tell us many members have a charismatic background, but they’re careful to avoid excess, following Paul’s teaching (1 Corinthians 14:27–28).

How can we better ground our church in what the Bible teaches?

7. Their leader follows Paul’s example of working his trade to provide for ministry (Acts 18:2–3). I like not expecting paid clergy to serve members but for members to minister to each other.

How well do we do at ministering to one another?

Overall, we have a great time of sharing at this church.

[Read about Church 55 or start at the beginning of our journey.]

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