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The Church’s Vision Changes: Discussion Questions for Church #60

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I meet a pastor launching a church in an underserved urban area. Her dream is a church for people of all ages, races, and backgrounds—a colorful mosaic of folks seeking to grow together in Jesus under Holy Spirit power

Consider these three discussion questions about Church 60.

1. Her vision draws me in. Being part of this church is not inconceivable, even though it’s thirty minutes away.

How open are we to be part of God’s great adventure when it’s not convenient?

2. Months later their website still casts a vision for a downtown church, but details appear for a suburban service, without mentioning one downtown. Did their vision change?

How can we keep our plans and vision aligned with God’s leading?

3. I assume they’ve given up on reaching the downtown urban area. Just like many other well-intentioned folks, they seem content in the suburbs. Most people are.

Are we content to remain where we’re comfortable and with those we know?

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