Online Bible Study

Online Bible Study for Your Small Group, Sunday School Class, or Gathering

Each Monday we’ll post an online Bible study lesson for the week. We’ll add a new lesson each Monday, moving through the study.

Our current study is on John Letters, and here is the first lesson.

Bookmark this page and come back here each Monday for the next lesson is this study.

Use it for your small group, Sunday school class, or Bible study, on whatever day you meet.

There is no cost for the Bible study.

These Bible studies focus on the biblical text, without regard for a certain denomination or theology. If you love God, or want to know more about him, this Bible study is for you.

How to Use the Online Bible Study

When you meet:

  • Open with prayer. Ask the Holy Spirit to direct your thoughts and discussions.
  • Have someone read aloud the Bible passage for the lesson.
  • Have someone else read aloud the meditation for the lesson.
  • Allow for a time of silence to let each participant contemplate the passage and meditation.
  • Have a third person ask the first question.
  • Give each person a chance to respond. It’s okay for a person to pass.
  • Have someone else read the next question and discuss.
  • Repeat this for all five questions.
  • You may also read the other passages at the end of the lesson and discuss them.
  • Wrap up by having each person share one way they’ll apply what they learned.
  • Encourage each participant to keep a journal or running list of what they learned.
  • End with prayer.

How to Use the Lessons

Each Bible study has 41 lessons (sometimes a few more). If you meet every week and cover every lesson in order on the week it’s posted, it will take 41 weeks.

But you don’t have to do it that way. Here are three options:

  1. On the weeks you meet, cover the lesson for that week. (If they want, participants can cover the in-between lessons on the off weeks, but this is optional.)
  2. On the weeks you meet, cover the next lesson in the series. This means that lessons will be posted faster than you go through them, but that’s okay. The lessons will always be online and available for you whenever you wish to use them.
  3. Pick the lessons that are the most interesting to you. Though there are occasional references to other lessons, you do not need to cover them in order.

Basically, adapt the study for whatever works for your group.

Meeting Tips

  • Know that there is no right answer. The goal is not consensus but conversation. Be willing to accept that some things about God are unknowable to us at this time. Embrace the mystery of the Almighty.
  • Having different perspectives is okay—even beneficial.
  • Remember that everyone is at a different point in their spiritual journey, but everyone can learn from everyone else—if they’re willing to.
  • Participants who are more outgoing and eager to share should not always go first. They should hold back as needed to allow quieter participants a chance to take part.
  • Take care to not judge another participant if their perspective differs from yours. After all, you could be wrong.
  • If someone already said what you wanted to say, there’s no need to repeat it. You’ll save the group time by simply noting that you agree.
  • However, don’t say “I disagree with . . .” Instead say, “I have a different thought.”

Upcoming Bible Studies

The next Bible studies will be:

  • Revelation
  • Luke
  • Acts
  • with more to follow

Existing Bible Studies

The following Bible studies are complete and online in their entirety for you to go through at any time, at any pace:

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