Photo Shoot Outtakes

My photo shoot, one using a professional photographer, produced no usable pictures. So son Dan and I headed out to a park to snap some new photos. Some of them are scattered throughout this website. It wasn’t all work, though. We had some fun, too, as these outtakes suggest. They’re too goofy to use, but they’re good enough to share with you.

Author Peter DeHaan frames the shot while Dan snaps the picture.

Peter DeHaan frames shot for photographer

Blogger Peter DeHaan pushes against a leaning tree

Quick! Come and help me keep this tree from falling!

Speaker Peter DeHaan strikes a pose

“As I was saying…”

Writer Peter DeHaan contemplates...

Peter DeHaan in a pensive moment, with the hint of a smirk.

Wordsmith Peter DeHaan

Does this remind you of anyone?