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Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc Privacy Statement

Peter DeHaan Publishing IncPeter DeHaan and Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc collects your email address for the purpose of sending you newsletters and other relevant notifications.

We respect your privacy and will not share, sell, rent, or trade your email address, phone number, mailing address, or other personal information to third parties.

We will never release your information to a third party without your consent unless legally required to do so by court order or subpoena.

If you are at any site that falls under the Peter DeHaan Publishing Inc umbrella, our privacy policy will apply there as well. If you leave our site through a link on the page, the privacy policy of that site will apply and may or may not have the same provisions. We advise you to review the privacy policy of any site on which you are registering.

Email me for more information.

Also see our terms of use policy.

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