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New Book! 95 Tweets: Celebrating Martin Luther in the 21st Century

New book about Martin Luther

95 Tweets reveals our past so we can reform our present.

95 Tweets - Celebrating Martin Luther in the 21st Century, by Peter DeHaanCelebrate the five-hundred-year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, when Martin Luther nailed his list of ninety-five concerns to the door of All Saints’ Church in Wittenberg on October 31, 1517.

Most Protestants have heard of Martin Luther, but they know little more.

Discover what Luther said in his history-changing document that people talk about but have never read.

  • Learn what Luther’s ninety-five theses meant 500 years ago.
  • Understand the significance behind his work.
  • Explore how the ninety-five theses apply to us today.
  • Consider reformation as an ongoing effort.
  • Reassess your spiritual practices.

95 Tweets explains the meaning behind each of Luther’s ninety-five concerns. Then it updates the basic premise of each one, reframed as ninety-five tweets, complete with hashtags. 95 Tweets concludes with a present-day list of ninety-five tweets for the modern church. The intent is not to criticize her but to encourage ongoing reforms.

Get your copy of 95 Tweets today!

Peter DeHaan, PhD, writes about biblical spirituality. He urges Christians to push past the status quo and reexamine their practices. Many people feel church let them down, and Peter seeks to encourage them as they search for a place to belong. But he’s not afraid to ask tough questions or make people squirm. Peter earned his doctorate from Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, awarded with high distinction.

Get your copy of 95 Tweets today!

A Year in Review: Top Ten Posts for 2016

Check out our readers’ favorite posts for the past year.

Another year has come and gone, and with it another year of blogging at “Pursuing Biblical God,” with over 100 new posts about God, the Bible, his church, and us.

Here are the ten most popular posts in 2016:

  1. The Truth about Seminary
  2. The Bible Uses a Third Person Omniscient Point of View
  3. 13 Reasons Why I Love the Bible
  4. Are You Spiritually Selfish?
  5. Do We Need to Listen to a Lecture Each Sunday at Church?
  6. Should We Confess the Sins of Our Nation?
  7. 5 Things God Asks of Us
  8. What Does an Eye for an Eye Really Mean?
  9. Can I Pray For You?
  10. Church Is For Girls

Some posts are “evergreen” content, meaning they continue to resonate with people for many years. Here are the ten most read posts of all time:

  1. What Does it Mean to Pray Hard?
  2. Beware of Spiritual Incest
  3. Four Angels in the Bible With Names
  4. Which Gospel Should I Read?
  5. Does God Receive Our Actions as a Memorial Offering?
  6. The Car That Cried Wolf
  7. When Was the Book of Job Written?
  8. Job’s Conclusion
  9. Are We Just Doing Our Job or Getting God’s Attention?
  10. Job’s Daughters

Thank you for stopping by this past year. You helped show that these posts are your favorites.

May you have an amazing 2017. Happy New Year and God bless!


Read the New Testament in 2017

Learn more about Jesus and his church as you read through the New Testament this year

Read the New Testament in 2017The New Testament of the Bible is a great part of the Bible to read. It starts with a focus on the life of Jesus and moves on to cover his followers after he dies, rises from the dead, and returns to heaven. Whether you are familiar with the Bible or just starting out, the New Testament unveils most of the essentials, and it provides the foundation for Christianity as it informs how we should live as Jesus’s disciples.

By reading only one chapter a day, Monday through Friday, we can read the entire New Testament in one year. For the average reader this only takes three to four minutes each day.

Can you commit to that?Invest 3 to 4 minutes a day, Monday through Friday, to read the New Testament this year. Click To Tweet

Download our 2017 New Testament reading plan to follow along with us. And then look for posts each Wednesday about that day’s reading.

Join us as we read through the New Testament in 2017. You’ll be glad you did.

(If you prefer, we also have an Old Testament reading plan and monthly guides as well. All this and much more is found at



A Year in Review: Top 10 Posts on Pursuing Biblical God for 2015

Here are the ten most popular posts on “Pursuing Biblical God” from 2015:

  1. Does God Receive Our Actions as a Memorial Offering?A Year in Review: Top 10 Posts on Pursuing Biblical God for 2015
  2. If You Have a Message to Share, You Need to Speak Up
  3. Four Angels in the Bible With Names
  4. Do You Arrive at Church Early, On Time, or Late?
  5. The Truth about Tithing
  6. Membership Has Its Privileges: Why We Shouldn’t Join a Church
  7. What Do We Do To Dishonor God?
  8. The Early Church Had a Great Reputation. What Happened?
  9. The Error of Evangelicals
  10. Are You a Christian Pharisee?

Read the Top 10 posts on “Pursuing Biblical God” from 2015. Click To TweetIn addition to these top ten posts from 2015 here are the top ten posts from prior years that people continued to read in 2015:

  1. Beware of Spiritual Incest
  2. Which Gospel Should I Read?
  3. Book Review: Secrets of the Secret Place
  4. The Use and Meaning of Amen
  5. What Does it Mean to Pray Hard?
  6. What Does it Mean to Give False Testimony?
  7. Book Review: From Times Square to Timbuktu
  8. Book Review: How People Grow
  9. Book Review: Prayer: Conversing with God
  10. Do We Read the Bible with Preconceived Notions?

Thank you for reading these posts and following this blog. May you have a great 2016!

Which post is your favorite? Which post is worth rereading?

Thursday Morning Bible Posts Have Moved to Tuesday

Thursday Morning Bible Posts Have Moved to TuesdayIf you’re here today looking for my regular Thursday morning post about the Bible, it has moved to Tuesdays.

People who study blogs, social media, and Internet things, say that more people read Tuesday posts than Thursday posts. Who would have thought? Since I want more people to see my posts, I’ll try Tuesdays.

By the way, thanks for stopping by!

If You Have a Message to Share, You Need to Speak Up

Last weekend I attended the Speak Up Conference in Grand Rapids Michigan. Speak Up is a two and a half day educational and networking opportunity for Christian speakers and writers. As a bonus, it was also a spiritual experience.

If You Have a Message to Share, You Need to Speak UpIn addition to making new friends and reconnecting with existing ones (some of whom regularly read this blog – thank you!), I also learned a lot. The highlight for me was being able to meet agents and acquisition editors to talk about some of my books. There was much interest in my just completed work Women in the Bible, as well as two others that are awaiting publication.

I also attended several workshops and learned some tips on various topics, such as how to better connect with readers, editing my work, balancing writing and life, interjecting humor into my writing, social media, and developing our writing voice. As an added treat, two of the sessions were given by friends Amelia Rhodes and Lorilee Craker.

The conference was held on the campus of Calvin College at The Prince Center. Everything was first rate. Some people think of this as a women’s conference, but guys attend as well, even though us males were an unrepresented minority.

If you are a Christian writer or a speaker – or want to become one – I encourage you to consider attending next year’s Speak Up Conference. It will be July 7-9, again at the Prince Center in Grand Rapids Michigan. Maybe I will see you there.

Were you at the Speak Up Conference? What did you think?

Get your copy of Women of the Bible, available from Amazon.

What’s the Focus of Your Bible Reading for 2015?

I spent all of last year studying women in the Bible. As the year progressed, my initial list of thirty kept getting longer. By yearend, I had found over seventy-five, and I wrote blog posts for about half of them.

Although I don’t plan on blogging about the rest, I am working on a short book on the subject, Women in the Bible. The first draft is almost done, and I’m about ready for some beta readers to review it. When the book is finished, I’ll post a notice here.

For this year, I’m reading the New Testament, starting with the writings of Dr. Luke.

Although we’re a week into the new year, it’s not too late to start a Bible Reading Plan for 2015, courtesy of

As for me, I’m following the 2015 New Testament plan.

What about you?

Get your copy of Women of the Bible, available from Amazon.

Top Ten Posts About “Pursuing Biblical God” in 2014

Here are the ten most read posts on this blog, “Pursuing Biblical God.” Some were written this year, while others are perennial favorites from prior years.

  1. Which Gospel Should I Read?
  2. Beware of Spiritual Incest
  3. Great Teaching, But Something’s Wrong (Visiting Church #49)
  4. 52 Churches: The Journey Begins
  5. Why I Don’t Dress Up For Church
  6. Book Review: Secrets of the Secret Place
  7. The Use and Meaning of Amen
  8. Why Don’t You Go To Church?
  9. A Glimpse into the Future (Visiting Church #15)
  10. What Does it Mean to Greet One Another With a Holy Kiss?

There was one more, which I liked so much, that I copied it over to the home page: Do You Want More From Life? Seeking a Spiritual More. This, of course, is the most viewed page on the site.

Which post is your favorite? Which one would you recommend?

News Release: Read the Bible in 2015

Read the Bible in 2015 by Reading Only a Few Minutes a Day and Peter DeHaan Unveil Comprehensive Bible Reading Schedules for 2015

Dec. 16, 2014Grand Rapids, Mich. Now in its tenth year, has released its Bible reading plans for 2015 to encourage regular Bible reading. In addition to the plan to read the entire Bible in 2015, author Peter DeHaan also has two less ambitious Bible reading schedules to cover just the New Testament or just the Old Testament in one year. All three plans are available by a free download from Readers may freely share the Bible reading plans without restriction, as long as it is for a noncommercial use.

“Every December people email me asking about Bible reading plans for the New Year. Last year we added a plan to read the entire Bible to our perennial plans for the New Testament and the Old Testament,” said Peter DeHaan, PhD. By reading about fifteen minutes a day, an average adult reader can cover the entire Bible in one year, while it takes only twelve minutes a day to read the Old Testament. “It only takes three to four minutes a day, five days a week, to read the New Testament in one year,” added Bible scholar Peter DeHaan, “The New Testament plan is our most popular.” For people who want a less ambitious approach, DeHaan also provides monthly suggestions, which are also available at

DeHaan’s method for all the options is to cover the Bible in sections, reading from only one book each day, completing that book before moving on to the next one. However, the schedule does not make people read the Bible straight through from page one to the end. “It’s too easy to get bogged down by one section of the Bible,” said DeHaan.

In addition to the annual Bible Reading plans, also has hundreds of pages of information about the Bible, including Bible FAQs, Bible terms, books of the Bible, and a Bible blog.

Download one of the 2015 Bible reading plans or learn more about the Bible from – and have a Happy New Year!

News Release: Peter DeHaan Updates for Greater User Impact

Online Bible Reading Resource Extends Usefulness and Reach on New, User-Friendly Platform

Apr. 30, 2014 – MATTAWAN, Mich. — Peter DeHaan announced the completion of the overhaul on his popular website The site, which allows him to share his passion for considering the Bible as a fresh, spiritual narrative and not an obsolete rule book, was started in 2008 and received record page views this March, even as the transition was still taking place. is powered by WordPress software, the world’s leading website platform. “This effort began in late 2013,” said Peter DeHaan, PhD, the site’s main content provider. “We kept the old site up and operational as we methodically moved the content over, page by page. Also, each of the 750 pages were reviewed and updated. That made the process take much longer, but it was worth the extra effort.

“With the new WordPress platform, making changes and adding new content is quick and easy,” said DeHaan, a lifetime student of the Bible. The site also boasts a fresh look: “The pages have a clean appearance and navigation is a breeze. Designed six years ago, the old site was definitely showing its age. I’m ecstatic over the improvement.

“A Bible A Day is for Bible-curious people,” added Peter DeHaan. “The FAQ section is the place to start, while helpful resources are in the ‘Books of the Bible’ and ‘Bible Terms’ sections.” A popular feature is the Bible reading plans, which offers options for any schedule. The site also includes a feed of biblically related posts, originally appearing on Peter’s main blog at New posts appear each Thursday; plus, there is an archive of past posts, dating back to 2008.

Learn more about A Bible A Day at

About Peter DeHaan
Peter DeHaan is an author, publisher, editor, and blogger. His main blog addresses biblical spirituality. He also blogs at “Byline” (about writing), and “From the Publisher’s Desk” (covering book publishing). Many of Peter DeHaan’s articles are available online at Article Weekly. Peter and his wife live in beautiful Southwest Michigan. They have two married children and recently met their first grandchild.

Peter DeHaan