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Confronting Status Quo Christianity

I follow Jesus with a passion. He’s the key to my faith—and life. Everything else is secondary.

  • Jesus loves everyone. He accepts all and doesn’t judge. He embraces those on the fringes of society. I try to do the same.
  • The only people Jesus criticizes are the religious leaders who lead people down the wrong path and make up rules for them to follow. I strive to avoid their errors.
  • Jesus wants us to get along. I do too. I desire unity. Christian denominations are the antithesis of unity. Forget labels. I’m about breaking down walls and building bridges.

Religious labels don’t matter. Jesus does. That’s why I call myself his follower, a disciple of Jesus.

  • I’m not Evangelical. I’m not Charismatic. I’m not Mainline. I’m none of them yet a little bit of each—hopefully the good parts.
  • Though I’m Protestant in my upbringing, I embrace Catholic and Orthodox. I wish our made-up distinctions didn’t exist. I’m quite sure there are no divisions in Heaven.
  • What about other religions? Who am I to judge? I’ll leave that to God, who knows all things.

More About Peter DeHaan

The Bible is my most cherished book. It isn’t a rulebook, a formula, or a manual. It’s a narrative that points us to God. I read it every day. It informs me, reforms me, and transforms me.

Author Peter DeHaan writes about biblical Christianity

I’m a frequent critic of the institution of church. We’ve messed it up. We’re doing it wrong. Church is about people coexisting in an intentional faith community to worship God and serve him by helping others.

We need to reclaim church as a living body of people, not a building, an infrastructure, a denomination, or a theology. The church should be organic: alive, growing, and changing. It should adapt and evolve. Tear down the institution. Build up biblical community.

My heart is to encourage people to embrace a biblical, holistic faith. I strive to confront status quo religion and live a life that matters.

I love to hang out with those who aren’t afraid to ask bold questions, grapple with the answers, and embrace spiritual paradoxes. I’m an author who uses words to help spiritual seekers pursue a true biblical Christianity in all areas of their lives.

My faith journey is with other spiritual seekers moving towards the God who is revealed in the Bible.

Let’s travel this path together.

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