Old Testament Bible Reading Plan

Chronological Old Testament Bible Reading Plan

The Old Testament contains 39 books and covers the formation, existence, and demise of the nation of Israel. The timeframe prior to the life of Jesus and anticipate his coming.

The Old Testament books are grouped as follows:

  • The books of Moses (the first five books of the Bible)
  • Historical books (focusing on the nation of Israel)
  • Wisdom literature (books of poetry, advice, and wise sayings)
  • The Prophets (the life and sermons of some of God’s key messengers)

Instead of reading straight through from Genesis to Malachi, our Old Testament reading plan mixes the various books together for a more varied reading schedule.

This Old Testament Bible reading plan will cover the entire Old Testament in one year.

View or print a PDF file of the Old Testament reading schedule.

For a good summary of the Old Testament, see Acts 7:2-46Acts 13:17-23 is even more concise. For more information, see the overview of books in the Old Testament.

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