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Be Ready to Speak

Paul’s First Sermon

The fifth sermon in the book of Acts: Acts 13:13-52 (specifically, Acts 13:16-41 & 46-47)

Setting: The synagogue in Antioch

Speaker: Paul

Audience: Jews and God-fearing Gentiles (likely converts to Judaism)

Preceding Events: Paul is merely present at the Sabbath service and invited to speak

Overall Theme: Paul connects the life of Jesus with the Old Testament teaching and prophecies.

Scripture Quoted: Psalm 2:7, Isaiah 55:3, Psalm 16:10, Habakkuk 1:5, Isaiah 49:6

Central Teaching: The news about Jesus is for all people (both Jews and Gentiles).

Subsequent Events: Paul and his companions are invited back, but opposition mounts against them and they are driven away. Nevertheless, their message spreads throughout the region.

Key Lesson: Be ready to speak of Jesus when the opportunity is presented—and ready to leave when the opportunity to speak is withdrawn.

We must be vigilant and ready to act or speak when God provides an opening for us. If we’re not, we may lose the opportunity to do so. If we delay, the door may shut, and it will be too late to reopen it.

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