Video Review: Pilgrim’s Progress

Reviewed by Peter DeHaan

Video Review: Pilgrim's ProgressPilgrim’s Progress: Journey to Heaven is an effective and gripping modern-day adaptation of John Bunyon’s classic allegory, Pilgrim’s Progress.

The story’s protagonist “Christian,” feels compelled to embark upon a journey to lift his burden and save himself from impeding doom.  His ultimate destination is the Celestial City, but the path there is fraught with dangers and distractions that have thrown many a fellow traveler off course.

Along the way Christian encounters others, some of whom offer valued assistance and some who provide unwise counsel under the guise of help.  Sometimes Christian is steadfast and strong, while other times he is weak and fickle.  Through it all, Christian learns much about the important of listening and obeying, as his faith grows.

The video aptly demonstrates that life is indeed a journey and the right path to take, the best path, is not always the easy one.  However, there is a reward for those who persevere.

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