What I Learned From a Baby Bird

What I Learned From a Baby Bird

This week I found a baby Robin stuck in a 40-inch deep window well at my house. He was too young to fly. If I didn’t rescue him, he would starve to death.

This isn’t the first time something like this happened. I knew what to do.

I tied a rope to the handle on a pail, lowered it down, and tipped it on its side. Using a tool with a long handle, I nudged the baby bird into the pail. As I returned the pail upright, he panicked and hopped out. I repeated the process but a bit quicker. This time he stayed in the pail as I lifted it up.

Pleased at how easy this was, I gently tipped the pail on its side and let him slide into some groundcover. Once free, he jumped back into the window well.

I again rescued him. This time I took him to the other side of the house to release him. Soon one of the baby bird’s parents joined him, staying with him on the ground until he learned to fly.

This reminded me of my relationship with God.

  • God wants the best for me, but I can’t always see what that might be. He provides freedom when I don’t fight his efforts to save me.
  • God helps me even when I don’t realize I’m in trouble. His perspective is beyond my comprehension.
  • God rescues me, but out of panic or habit, sometimes I return to what I know. But he loves me, helping me again and again.

Thank you God for using a baby Robin to teach me.

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