Don’t Drive God Away

In the eighth chapter of Ezekiel, God takes the prophet to Jerusalem to see the area around the temple. Each place God takes him, Ezekiel looks and sees the people doing things God abhors. God says he’ll drive them from his sanctuary.

After several reoccurrences, the chapter ends with God’s response to the people’s vile actions. He says:

  • I will deal with them in anger
  • I will not look on them with pity
  • I will not spare them.
  • I will not listen to them, even though they shout.

The people did what God detested; their actions drove him from the sanctuary. They would get what they deserved.

I wonder if we do the same thing with some of our religious practices at church today? Do we do things God detests? Do we drive him away? I hope it isn’t so, but fear it is.

[Ezekiel 8:6 and Ezekiel 8:18]

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Drive God Away”

  1. I am blessed to belong to a church body that I believe will hear their Father say “Well done good and faithful servants.” They are on fire for Him and for others to know and enjoy Him! By His grace there is nothing lukewarm about the majority of them. I’ve never felt so at home and challenged at the same time. Blessed.

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