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God Speaks Through Inaudible Words

In addition to speaking to us in audible words, God can also communicate to us inaudibly, implanting his words into our minds through the work of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes it’s instructions to do something, as with Phillip in the desert and Peter at Antioch.

In other instances, he reveals words for people to tell others. For example, God directed Peter what to say when questioned by the religious leaders. He gave wisdom to Stephen, revealed the future to Agabus about a famine, and directed Paul as he spoke to Elymas.

Other times God’s messages can be private communication, such as God revealing to Paul what awaited him in Jerusalem.

This is all through the work of the Holy Spirit, who directs all who follow Jesus.

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3 replies on “God Speaks Through Inaudible Words”

Is the Bible insufficient in supplying us with wisdom, knowledge, to be equipped for every good work and to be complete? Doesn’t God speak audibly as He is not the author of confusion?

In the texts you have provided, it is either mentioned explicitly or implicitly that the Holy Spirit is speaking in an audible manner (clear and without confusion to the listener). Philip in the desert? The Spirit “told” him. Peter at Antiioch? The Spirit “told” him. When they were questioned by religious leaders and Stephen and Paul to Elymas? The Holy Spirit spoke through them (a fulfillment of John 16:12-15 as Jesus, in context, is speaking to the disciples as well as those who would be persecuted). Agabus? He said “Thus says the Holy Spirit” (=Thus sayeth the Lord – audible, consistency with the OT). The Holy Spirit warning Paul? How does this constitute an inaudible communication by the Holy Spirit? Warnings must be clear – and since these are all in Acts, so far, the Spirit has spoken audibly as in Acts 13:2.

Let us be obedient to Him. How? By obeying His word!

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