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More on Jacob’s Twelve Sons

So, we know that Jacob’s twelve sons had four mothers: Leah was the spurned wife; Rachel was the favorite wife; Bilhah was Rachel’s maid and Zilpah was Leah’s maid. Here is their birth order and how it all breaks down:

1. Reuben, his mom was Leah
2. Simeon, his mom was Leah
3. Levi, his mom was Leah
4. Judah, his mom was Leah

5. Dan, his mom was Bilhah, Rachel’s maid
6. Naphtali, his mom was Bilhah, Rachel’s maid

7. Gad, his mom was Zilpah, Leah’s maid
8. Asher, his mom was Zilpah, Leah’s maid

9. Issachar, his mom was Leah
10. Zebulun, his mom was Leah
(Then Leah also had a daughter, Dinah.)

11. Joseph, his mom was Rachel
12. Benjamin, his mom was Rachel

It was a tough way to have twelve sons. Just because that’s’how it happened, does not mean that God approves of such an arrangement!

[Genesis 29:1-35, Genesis 30:1-24, and Genesis 35:16-19]

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