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Let’s Go Back to Egypt

After spending 430 years in Egypt, the Israelites are finally free. They head out for the Promised Land and one of the first things they do is complain.

They beg to go back to Egypt.

Then they spend forty years in the desert. When they finally cross the Jordan River and enter the Promised Land, one of the first things they do is become discouraged and pine for the desert where no one was trying to attack them.

They want to go back.

It’s human nature to want to stick with what we know and remain firmly mired in the familiar. But that is not how we grow and not the way of progress.

God often asks us to do the uncomfortable, to take risks, and do what we would rather not do.

But it is when we leave behind what is known that real growth can occur; it is when we are outside our comfort zone, depending on God, that our relationship with him deepens.

Yes, we can remain in our own Egypt or own desert, but staying where we don’t belong is being stuck in something less than God’s best plan for us.

When God says to go, we need do it—and not think about going back.

[Numbers 14:3, Joshua 7:5, 7]

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