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When Was the Book of Job Written?

Earlier I wondered if Job was real person or a fictional character. Despite support for both perspectives, my conclusion was that it doesn’t really matter. We can learn from him regardless if his life is a fictitious or historical account.

Another debated question, which is without definitive answer, is when was Job written? While some say that it was an early book of the Bible—perhaps even the first—this conclusion is more speculative than evidentiary.

Regarding this, let me make two observations:

First, there are significant thematic parallels between the books of Job and Ecclesiastes, specifically regarding the brevity of life and futility of living.

Second, the books of Job and Song of Songs have a similar construction, which is not found anywhere else in the Bible. Each is heavy in dialogue—almost exclusively so—reading like a screenplay.

The books of Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs were both written by King Solomon. Because the book of Job shares a similar construction and theme, perhaps Solomon also wrote Job.

Knowing when Job was written doesn’t really matter either, but it is an intriguing thought to consider that perhaps King Solomon is the author.

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