Book Review: Stark Raving Obedience

Book Review: Stark Raving Obedience

Stark Raving Obedience: Radical Results from Listening Prayer

By Ted Kallman and Isaiah Kallman (reviewed by Peter DeHaan)

“The only way to have a personal relationship with anyone is to talk with them, to build trust and have a history with them,” (p 12). This is a fitting perspective for Ted and Isaiah Kallman’s book Stark Raving Obedience: Radical Results from Listening Prayer. The father and son duo then devote the rest of the book to relating their experiences—which are both encouraging and challenging—and sharing the lessons they have learned as they journeyed down the path of listening to God.

With chapter titles such as “Listening,” “Earplugs,” “Intimacy,” “Authority and Healing,” and “When You Pray,” the direction and intent of Stark Raving Obedience is aptly mapped out. As a bonus, the book contains an appendix packed full of relevant Bible passages on the subject.

However, Stark Raving Obedience is about more than just listening prayer; it’s about really knowing God (p 18). Listening prayer, although similar to centering prayer or contemplative prayer, is different (p 28). Of course after listening, comes obeying. As we do so, God “will make us uncomfortable and stretch our faith,” (85). The Kallmans do warn that “not every voice is God,” (p 116), so discernment is critical. Fortunately, they provide guidance in that area as well.

Stark Raving Obedience is a quick and easy read, but is packed full of challenging teaching on what a truly vibrant life of listening prayer can look like and mean.

For those of us whose spirits yearn for more, Stark Raving Obedience moves in that direction.

[Stark Raving Obedience: Radical Results from Listening Prayer, by Ted Kallman and Isaiah Kallman. Published by PrayerShop Publishing, 2009, ISBN: 978-1-935012-09-2; 140 pages.]

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