How Big is Your Tent?: A Call for Christian Unity, Tolerance, and Love

Can't we have a bit more Unity, Tolerance, and Love?

Yes, we can. And it all starts with Jesus.

God has a big tent. It will shock you who belongs there.

It's a tent of Unity, Tolerance, and Love.

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About the Book

How Big is Your Tent? A Call for Christian Unity, Tolerance, and Love

What’s It Take to Be Welcome in Jesus’s Tent?The Bible gives us the answers, but most people miss them. And too many clergy spout manmade solutions that miss the mark.

Discover what Jesus said it takes to “go all in” for him. It’s really quite easy. In fact, it’s so simple that some people can’t accept it. Instead of cramming faith into an exclusive box, what we need is a bigger tent. A unity tent, where we accept all Christians.

However, Jesus was a Jew. What about them? And what about other faiths that consider the Bible part of their heritage? Can we invite them into our tent?

Last, are the other world religions. Where do they fit? Can our tent hold them, too? Should we make a room? The answers will surprise you.

How Big is Your Tent? calls for Christian unity, tolerance, and love. And that makes for a most ambitious tent.

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Genre: Christianity and Spirituality
Tags: biblical spirituality, Christian unity, Peter DeHaan
Publisher: Spiritually Speaking Publishing
Publication Year: 2018
Length: 68 pages
ISBN: 9781948082020

List Price: $7.97
eBook Price: $2.99
About the Author
Peter DeHaan, PhD

Peter DeHaan, PhD, often makes religious people squirm, but spiritual seekers cheer. He’s not trying to be provocative, but he seeks truth, even if it makes some people uncomfortable. He yearns for Christians to push past the status quo and reconsider how they practice their faith in every area of their lives.

Peter earned his doctorate, awarded with high distinction, from Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary. He lives with his wife in beautiful Southwest Michigan and wrangles crossword puzzles in his spare time.

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