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Do You See Good or Evil?

I recently read a series of movie reviews in a conservative magazine. With three pages of critiques to consider, all but two movies earned advisory warnings. With no R-rated movies covered, several cautions were for PG and even G-rated movies.

Their items of concern struck me as overly critical.

One obscure line from an animated feature earned it an advisory warning. This was a vague quip that kids would miss and require adults to make an assumption.

With multiple possible inferences, only someone looking for sexual innuendo would find it. (I missed it when I saw the movie.) Are these reviewers able to spot evil most anywhere they look?

I wonder if these cautious caretakers of morality have read the Bible. What might they write in their review of it?

After all, the Bible contains a myriad of problematic content: rape, murder, incest, cannibalism, violence, and sexual misconduct. Would they slap an advisory warning on the Bible?

These self-appointed guardians of goodness irritate me. Though they may have worthy motives, the result is they fixate on what is wrong, and when they find it, they highlight it to make sure everyone else is aware of it, too.

Just as there is evil in most things around us, there is also good. Do we seek the objectionable or notice the laudable? What we choose to consider reflects our focus in life and forms our perception of the world.

The Bible encourages us to think about things that are right, pure, and admirable. That is, to fill our minds with good, not evil.

While this may warrant not seeing some movies, it also means to look for good in the ones we do watch.

[Read through the Bible with us this year. Today’s reading is Philippians 1-4, and today’s post is on Philippians 4:8.]

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2 replies on “Do You See Good or Evil?”

Peter, I almost always agree with you. But on this I differ. This board is probably PAID to find contrary items of morality. I found one offensive character relationship in The Lion King which to me was the “establishment” tricking us into thinking something was cute and acceptable when there were underlying tones of a hidden agenda. And the water gets warmer and warmer and the frog doesn’t notice. In fact, it feels pretty good until, Opps, it’s boiling.

Thanks for sharing a different view; I really appreciate it!

There is certainly a need to speak out against wrong; I’m just not sure were to draw that line between focusing on what is good and seeking what is bad. Your frog analogy, however, is an astute warning to us all.

Again, thanks for your comment.

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