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How to End a Fast Well

In an earlier post, I talked about fasting. I admitted that despite the spiritual benefits—while tangible and profound—fasting is a mystery to me. I also shared that the most difficult part of my fast was ending it well.

From a physical sense, when that initial morsel of food touches my tongue, I am often filled with a nearly insatiable desire to make up for what was lost.

If I am not diligent and self-controlled, it is easy for me to continue eating far beyond what is needed to fill my belly.

The real challenge, however, is spiritual. I am normally at a spiritual high during my fast and when it ends, the pendulum sometimes swings in the opposite direction, resulting in a spiritual low.

It seems that if the enemy can’t keep me from fasting or deter me from experiencing God during my fast, he will try to discourage me afterwards.

The solution, while simple, has evaded me for years. Just as I prayerfully begin my fast, I need to prayerfully end my fast. By seeking God’s provision to break my fast well, the residual effects can carry into the time that follows it.

Praying is a great way to end a fast—and then I eat!

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