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My Favorite Prayer in the Bible

Discover How God Reacts to the Prayer of Jabez

Last week I wrote about The Most Dangerous Prayer in the Bible, at least the prayer containing the most risky line. It’s a reminder that we must forgive quickly and fully.

Now let’s look at my favorite prayer in the Bible. It’s the prayer of Jabez, found in 1 Chronicles 4:9-10. It’s a prayer I say most every day. I don’t repeat it because God needs to hear me say it again but to remind myself that I prayed it.

There are five phrases in this prayer, my favorite prayer, which The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson details (check out my review):

1. Bless Me Indeed

I don’t see Jabez’s request for God’s blessing as a hint at materialism or a prayer of greed. Instead it’s Jabez’s desire to be a blessing to others. The more God blesses him, the more he can bless others. This is as God blessed Abraham so that he could bless others (Genesis 12:2-3).

2. Enlarge My Territory

Again, Jabez’s prayer for more territory isn’t a pursuit of wanting more for the sake of more, it’s a means of influence. Jabez knows that with more territory comes greater influence. And don’t we all want to influence more people for God?

3. May Your Hand Guide Me

It’s foolish for us to try anything on our own, doing it our own way. We need the hand of God to guide us in everything we do.

4. Keep Me from Evil

The request to keep us from evil is a prayer for protection and safety. The Lord’s prayer repeats this idea.

5. Not Cause Pain

The final element is to not cause pain. If anything we do harms others, it’s for naught. The opposite of causing pain is to do good. To produce joy, to encourage others, and to promote peace are all good ways to not cause pain.

The Outcome of My Favorite Prayer

After Jabez prays his short prayer, the Bible records God’s response. I blogged about this here and again here. To me it’s the most comforting phrase in the Bible. It simply says, “God granted his request.”

God answers prayer. That’s so encouraging. He answered Jabez’s prayer in the past and he can answer our prayers today, as well as in the future.

When we pray, may our words align with the heart of God. And may he grant our request.

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This is great Bible information and study material. Thank you I have a better understanding now! God Bless!!!!!!

Baxter, I pray this prayer most every morning. It’s not that I need to repeat it, as much as to remind myself that I already have prayed it–and that God continues to answer it.

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