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Do We Need to Slow Down?

I recently went on a prayer retreat. To remove myself from the distractions of the day and my environment, I went to a hermitage. For 48 hours there would be no work, no phones, no Internet, no TV, and minimal talking.

It was a bustle of activity to prepare for this extended time away, bringing my work and my life to a point where I could put them on pause. Not surprisingly, my mind was still racing as I pulled my car onto the grounds of the retreat center.

A sign said “Begin slowing down.” Aah!

For 48 hours I did just that. I slowed down, I rested, I prayed and mostly listened. It was good, really good, so good that I even delayed my departure.

And when I did, another sign advised, “Return slowly.”

That instruction is easy to read, but hard to do. I liked slow, but it’s evasive, seemingly impossible to maintain in normal life. However, we don’t need to go on a retreat to slow down. We can make allowances for slowness in our regular life.

I think that’s why God gave us our Sabbath rest; it’s a time we can slow down.

But do we?

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