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I stopped listening to the news on June 15, 2020. I had to. The negativity and biased rhetoric wore me down. It permeated my life and threatened my ability to function.

Though I didn’t like being out of touch, when I stopped listening to the news a weight lifted off me right away. I became happier and less agitated. It was a smart move on my part and overdue.

But after a two-and-a-half-year break, I started listening to the news again. It comes in the form of a podcast each weekday morning: “The World and Everything in It.”

It’s from WORLD News Group, which “produces sound journalism, grounded in facts and biblical truth.” This is exactly the news source I need.

It’s so counter to other news sources, that it took me a couple weeks to get used to it and embrace it, but I now so look forward to it every day.

They also have a biweekly magazine, which I subscribe to.

If you want to hear news that won’t confront your faith and challenge your beliefs, check out It’s a news source you can trust.

My friend, Thomas Umstattd, recommended it to me. Now I’m recommending it to you. Please check it out.

Then you can recommend it to your friends.

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