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Read the Bible in 2023

Form a Habit of Daily Bible Reading Next Year

Every year I intentionally explore the Bible, reading it each day. Some years I focus on the New Testament, other years, the Old Testament, or even the entire Bible.

Will you join me this year?

I’m pleased to announce that the 2023 Bible reading guides are now available from Get your 2023 Bible reading plan today.

Bible Chronological Plan

Now it its third year is the chronological Bible reading plan. This year it’s been tweaked and improved even further, based on user feedback.

This is an approximate chronological reading guide that puts the books of the Bible in order, since a comprehensive chronological reading of the Bible requires a lot of details that won’t fit on a concise handout.

This Bible reading plan only takes 12 to 15 minutes a day.

And each Tuesday throughout the year, I’ll blog about a passage from that day’s reading.

Download your own chronological 2023 Bible reading guide.

Other Bible Reading Options

If reading the entire Bible in a year seems too big of a task, scale back to a more manageable goal. Pick the one that works for you:

Form a habit to read the Bible. Download your 2023 Bible reading plan today and be ready to start reading in January.

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The Bible is a must read for anyone serious and curious about finding the meaning of life…and wondering what makes great authors like Anton Chekhov write such great things! Recently, I’ve been following the Instagram Posts of the Orthodox Academy of Crete. These posts quite often quote snippets from poets and authors writing and asking about the Meaning of Life and I can’t help but see how the knowledge of the Bible and Orthodox Christianity has contributed to the author’s view of life and thinking. For example Anton Chekhov’s play “The Three Sisters” raises the question of the meaning of life and suffering putting it this way: “you’ll think a little more and we’ll learn why we live, why we suffer … If we only knew, if we knew!”

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