News Release: Peter DeHaan Addresses 2013 Breathe Conference

News Release: Peter DeHaan Addresses 2013 Breathe Conference

Writer Workshops by Local Author and Publisher are Well-Attended and Earn High Praise

Mattawan, Michigan, October 25, 2013—Peter DeHaan spoke at the 2013 Breathe Christian Writers Conference on October 11 and 12, 2013, in Dutton Michigan. Conference attendance set a new record, with many attendees greatly anticipating Peter DeHaan’s two workshops. He opened with “Jumpstarting Your Writing Career” on the first day and concluded with “10 Tips to Improve Your Writing” on day two.

“Both sessions were well-attended, far surpassing my expectations. I was so encouraged by the high turnout and enthusiastic participation,” said Peter DeHaan, PhD, who is also a magazine publisher and editor. In between the sessions, DeHaan met one-on-one with several attendees to discuss their writing and careers.

“The response was incredible,” added Dr. DeHaan. “The attendees were eager to learn and share with each other. The Breathe writing conference is one of the best, and the enthusiastic attendees are one reason why.”

Joni McArthur, an attendee at his first workshop, said it was a “very good session filled with helpful tips.”

“Peter effectively relates his own evolving call to the vocation of writing to instruct and inspire,” stated Beth Ernest.

Esther Clark added, “His seminar took me to a new level.”

“His speech was like an orientation session for a new job!” said Nellie deVries. “Today I said, ‘I am a writer,’ thanks to Peter DeHaan.”

Sara VanLaan appreciated “the ‘rubber meets the road’ advice on writing.”

As a follow-up, Dr. DeHaan is providing additional information and free writing services to those who attended his workshop.

Learn more about the Breathe Christian Writers Conference and Peter DeHaan.

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