News Release: Peter DeHaan Moves Blog And Unveils New Look

Peter DeHaan Moves Blog And Unveils New Look

Peter DeHaan’s Blog Expands Ways For Readers to Interact and Comment

Mattawan, Michigan, May 30, 2013—First launched in January 2008, author Peter DeHaan’s blog—discussing biblical spirituality—celebrates its sixth year of existence with a new look and a new location.

Supported by powerful WordPress software, the leading blogging platform, the new blog is greatly improved:

  • A new format makes reading easier.
  • Readers can post comments with one-click simplicity, with no more Captcha codes to decipher and enter.
  • Subscribers will enjoy a more robust delivery of posts, via email or RSS feed.

With an archive of over 600 posts, Peter adds new content three to four times a week. On Sundays he covers topics of a general spiritual nature; Mondays he chronicles his journey of visiting 52 churches in a year; Thursdays he addresses the Bible; and on some Fridays he posts a book review.

“My old blogging platform was showing its age,” stated Peter. “WordPress presents an ideal solution and offers many features that benefit readers. I’m excited for all the features it currently presents, as well as the opportunity to add more capabilities in the future.

“The key for any blogger is to connect with readers and this new blog provides for that nicely.” Check out Peter’s blog posts about spirituality.

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