Why I Love SpringSpring is my favorite time of year. And with this year’s winter being longer, colder, and snowier than most, the promise of spring is even more welcomed.

I won’t say I hibernate during winter, but it is a season when I hunker down; my goal is survival. I’m not sure if it’s the limited daylight, colder temperatures, or white precipitation, but something about winter wears me down. Winter is a season when I attempt to maintain the status quo; it’s an ill-advised time to take on new projects or pursue grand initiatives.

Then as the snow melts, I figuratively emerge, groggy-eyed from my self-imposed cave – that is, the sanctuary of my home. Warmer temperatures beckon; melting snow reveals brown grass, soon reborn to glorious green; flowers bloom with forgotten color and tree buds burst forth in praise. With refound ambition I anticipate what lies ahead; with renewed focus my plans give way to action.

Spring is a grand time. I wish it could be spring year round, but without the bleakness of winter standing in contrast, I fear I’d soon forget the wonder of springtime. So I accept winter as a precursor of what follows.

To me, spring is the antithesis of winter; it’s a great time to be alive. Spring signals new life, opportunities, and a fresh start. Spring also reminds me of God and the new life, opportunities, and fresh start he offers. Thank you God for spring.

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