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I Married a Monk

I really like the TV show Monk. The season premier was last Friday. Since we were a tad busy with Laura and Chris’s wedding, we’ve not yet had the opportunity to watch it, but I’m most anxious to do so.

The show features Adrian Monk, a former homicide detective, who has some issues: he struggles with a long list of phobias and has OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)—which the show takes to entertainingly exaggerated extremes. 

With keen powers of observation and deduction, he brilliantly solves every case. Although the department has him on leave until he deals with some of his issues, they hire him as a consultant for the more baffling cases.

Monk is a clever TV show with a compelling story line about colorful characters. That makes for a great show, but my interest goes even deeper.

You see, my bride is a bit like Monk. No, she’s not a crime fighter, and she doesn’t struggle with phobias, but she does exhibit some compulsive tendencies. 

These used to immensely irritate me, but after repeatedly watching and being amused by Monk’s over-the-top compulsive antics, my wife’s obsessive manifestations are so minor in comparison that they have grown to be most bearable.

They are even beginning to become endearing.

Thank you Monk for entertaining—and enlightening—me. I owe you.

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