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Moving Day, Times Two

Two weeks ago, we (my bride and I) helped children Dan and Kelli move from their apartment to their house. They moved a couple carloads the night before and I rented a truck, first to move their items from our house and then to move the furniture from their apartment. 

Kelli’s family brought a truckload of stuff, as well, and we all pitched in to help. By the end of the day, everything has moved, but the house was rather chaotic. However, within a week they had everything unpacked and in fine order.

Yesterday, it was time to help Laura and Chris move from one apartment to another. We did the first shift, moving the items that would fit into cars, while the in-laws took the second shift, moving the furniture. Initially, I thought we had the easy part. But after six carloads, I wasn’t so sure. 

The old apartment was on the second floor, with a 15-step descent. The new apartment was on the third floor, which had a 26-step assent. I estimate that I did 2 to 3,000 steps that day. Since I do 1,000 steps on a step-stepper each day, you’d think I’d be ready. Not so.

They were permitted to move in early, so as we were moving in, many of the other tenants were vacating (it is a college town, so a new batch will be arriving soon.) As, I would carry things up the stairs, everyone else was walking up empty handed.

Conversely they would  carry things down, while that direction was empty for me. First, I mused that by teaming up with someone else we would both finish sooner. 

But as I became more tired, I further speculated that if everyone who was moving out, would simply carry a couple boxes up for me (instead of going up empty handed) it would have been done in no time.

Nevertheless, I kept this idea to myself. This gave me time to speculate about all who were moving. A move marks a new beginning, with hopes and expectations for the future.  It may be into a house, to a nicer apartment, back home, or into something more affordable.

As for me, after helping with two moves in two weeks, it simply reaffirms my hope and expectation to stay exactly where we are!

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