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The Effects of the Flu

I mentioned that I had the flu a couple of weeks ago. Be assured that I will spare you the gory details, but I do want to share what I learned (or was reminded of) as a result:

  • I tend to take my health for granted—until I don’t have it.
  • Having the flu is a tough way to lose weight (but I do know that I could never be bulimic—I don’t have the stomach for it!)
  • Half of my flu generated weight-loss has been regained (which is to be expected), but I won’t be disappointed if the rest of those pounds never return.
  • When I am sick I desire to be taken care of; my bride desires to keep her distance.  She claims I am a big baby.

Aside from dealing with my illness and sleeping, the only other thing I could do was watch TV.  Even though I have 200 channels to consider, there are even fewer worthy viewing options during the day then at night. 

Here are the “highlights” of my foray into daytime television:

  • Drew Carey now hosts The Price is Right—which is just wrong.
  • Wayne Brady hosts Lets Make a Deal, which is a huge waste of his talent—but they both do have steady paying gigs, so I guess that’s the price of job security.
  • I watched the movie Spy Kids yet again—and continue to enjoy it.
  • I watched the movie Shark Boy and Lava Girl a second time and liked it even less than the first time.
  • I watched a rerun of Friends, which seems to be everywhere throughout the day.
  • I also watched Seinfeld (the one with the scenes aired in reverse chronological order), Everybody Loves Raymond, and Malcolm in the Middle.  I don’t think I ever watched a full episode of any of them—just bits and pieces while channel surfing. I dont think I missed much—or perhaps my judgment was clouded due to fever.
  • I also realized that I could easily become a Discovery Channel junkie.  If in the future, I am ever reduced to watching TV all day, I will just switch to the Discovery Channel and stay there all day.  But hopefully, I’ll never have to!

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