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The Queen of Desserts

Yesterday, my bride (aka, the Queen of Desserts) went on a Christmas baking frenzy. The preliminary round occurred on Monday, but the main event was on Thursday, sunup to well past sundown cooking extravaganza.

Sadly, I was fasting and unable to assume my normal role of taste tester. I know that she secretly enjoys me hovering around her, waiting to snatch the first of each batch when its finished product emerges. 

She pretends to be irritated, but without my acute taste buds to assist, how will she know that the results are appropriately delectable? 

Sometimes one sample is not enough to discern the overall quality and desirability, so I will need to try a second…and a third if I can get away with it. 

If she’s not paying attention, a fourth sample may disappear as well, but let’s keep that as our secret.

I’m not sure how she managed yesterday without my much-needed assistance, but by 10 pm, she was frosting the last of the cookies and wrapping up for the day.

Today I plan to make up for the lost time and resume my role as a food inspector. 

In fact, just blogging about it is making me salivate…gotta go!

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