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Movie Review: Indigo

Reviewed by Peter DeHaan

I recently watched the 2003 movie Indigo—and enjoyed it thoroughly. Indigo is a drama about a young girl who has special abilities, which she uses to protect and re-unite her family.

In the movie, she encounters others who are likewise gifted.

These, we learn, are “indigo children,” who have supernatural awareness and abilities, often empathic and sharing a telepathic connection; mostly they are misunderstood or marginalized.

In watching the movie, I began to wonder if these indigo children might actually have a spiritual awareness that eludes most people. Are they tapping or seeing into the spiritual realm?

While much controversy surrounds this (Google “indigo children” to learn more), I suspect that for some, this is the case.

However, knowing that not everything that is spiritual is good, it is important to be cognizant that those who are truly “indigo” could be connecting with God—or alternately with evil.

If you wish to ponder this, do so with an open mind, but with caution and discernment.

From a production perspective, this is not a standout movie, but it is compelling enough that I want to watch it again and to recommend it.

However, know that the reviews I read were largely negative, criticizing every conceivable aspect, from acting to directing to characterization to plot.

Interestingly, those wrote favorably seemed to have a positive predisposition to indigo children. Could it be that the movie’s detractors were merely offended by the topic?)

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