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Book Review: King of Rascals

By Rob Link (reviewed by Peter DeHaan)

Rob Link’s, King of Rascals, is essentially a book about Jesus—and about us. We are rascals and he, our king. As rascals, we have issues, but as our king, he loves us anyway.

In part one of King of Rascals, eight chapters reveal who Jesus is and our relationship to him—or perhaps more correctly his relationship to us.

He is not the misguided Jesus often represented in movies, the hate filled sovereign portrayed by the media, or the fictional Jesus created by a culture intent on re-inventing him for their own purposes, but the Jesus who is revealed in the Bible and readily accessible to all who seek him.

The second and final part of King of Rascals contains an additional four chapters that add a pleasant twist to the rascal reality.

While we are indeed rascals, Jesus transforms us into royalty, revealing a new—and higher—understanding of our connection with him and purpose in life.

The King of Rascals is a book about the real Jesus. It is a quick read that presents profound spiritual truth in a most accessible manner.

It is for those who don’t know Jesus, those who think they know Jesus, and even those who do know Jesus.

Regardless of perspective, King of Rascals will better inform our understanding of Jesus—transforming us in the process.

[King of Rascals, by Rob Link. Published by Reformed Church Press, 2011, ISBN: 0-916466-12-4, 124 pages.]

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