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Book Review: Secrets of the Secret Place

Secrets of the Secret Place: Keys to Igniting Your Personal Time with God

By Bob Sorge (reviewed by Peter DeHaan)

The intent of Secrets of the Secret Place is directly stated in the subtitle: to ignite your personal time with God. Towards that end, author Bob Sorge takes readers on a journey of starting and pursing their own personal time with God.

His instruction is amply supported by scripture, but his treatise is not a theoretical and untouchable one; it is born out of his own journey and personal experience.

Sadly, few Christians ever embark on this journey and fewer still persist in it.

Sorge wants to change that and Secrets of the Secret Place is his foundational effort towards that end.

Secrets of the Secret Place is a four-part, 52-chapter book. (If 52 chapters are off-putting, know that each one is short, averaging a scant four pages.)

In part one of Secrets, Sorge opens with basic teachings on how to establish a secret place with God.

Building upon that, part two introduces practical, hands-on tips. Next, in part three, are contained encouragements to make this practice a lifelong pursuit.

The concluding section considers truths that will aid in this personal time becoming one of deeper intimacy with God.

With Secrets of the Secret Place containing 52 chapters—actually 52 “secrets”—one possible use is as a year-long, weekly study for a small group or class. Alternately, it can be pursued individually at the reader’s preferred pace.

Although Secrets is a standalone resource, for those using it as a group study, additional tools are available, including a leader’s guide, a companion study guide, and a DVD (containing twelve, 30-minute sessions, taught by Bob Sorge).

In reading Secrets of the Secret Place, there may be the temptation to read the entire book before embarking on your own journey. While that may seem wise or even practical, it is also a delaying tactic that is counterproductive.

Read chapter one and start the journey, then go one to chapter two.

This book is not a formula for finding your secret place with God, but rather a guide that will move you in that direction; each person will fill in the details as to what works best for them.

As such, Secrets is not a book that is read once and shelved, but a resource that is repeated returned to on this journey of “igniting your personal time with God.”

[Secrets of the Secret Place: Keys to Igniting Your Personal Time with God, by Bob Sorge. Published by Oasis House, 2001, ISBN: 978-0-9704791-0-5, 221 pages.]

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