Do You Create for the Creator?

Do You Create for the Creator?

I’ve never considered myself to be a creative person, not like artists and musicians or architects and engineers. While I may be good at tweaking something existing, making something new is not how I’m wired.

I’m definitely a left-brain thinker: analytical and logical, a processor of information and problem-solver. Yet, I’m also a writer—and writing is creating. Each blog post, each article, and each book I write is the artistic birth of something not before seen; it is a new creation.

Creating things, be it art, music, buildings, devices, or even literature is a spiritual experience, be it a good spiritual or a bad spiritual. I, for one, endeavor for my creations of words to be a good spiritual.

God is a creative being. He created the universe (don’t fixate on the how, you’ll miss the point) and we are the pinnacle of his creation.

I recently tweeted (Twitter): “God is the ultimate artist, creation is his masterpiece, and each of us is a work of art.”

We are made is his image, so it is inherently characteristic for us to yearn to make things — just as he made us.

As a child, I gave pictures to my mom; I now give my writing to God—and I believe he receives them with even more joy.

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