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Book Review: The Jesus Bible Artist Edition

The purpose of the Bible’s 66 books is to reveal God to us. More specifically, the Bible reveals Jesus to us. The Old Testament anticipates him, while the New Testament celebrates him.

This is perhaps best portrayed through The Jesus Bible, which smartly places the focus of the biblical text where it belongs: on Jesus.

The Jesus Bible Artist Edition

Available in both the popular New International Version (NIV) and contemporary English Standard Version (ESV), The Jesus Bible surrounds these two reader-friendly versions with 1,000 additional pieces—in the form of conveniently placed full-page articles and sidebars—to round out the text and breathe new life into the familiar.

The Jesus Bible prefaces each of the Bible’s 66 books with helpful introductory text to explain the context, setting, or significance of the words that follow.

Each section also provides details of where and how the book fits into the historical timeline, along with a key verse from that book.

The Jesus Bible Artist Edition, ESV, which I reviewed, includes a helpful concordance in the back matter.

If you’re looking for more than the Bible, such as a Bible that helps you better understand what it says and how it applies to your life, consider The Jesus Bible.

[Legal stuff: I received this Bible for free as a member of the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid, #BibleGatewayPartner.]

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