Are You Spiritually Militant?

Are You Spiritually Militant?

This is my second and likely last post about music from my past. First, I blogged about “I Scream Sunday” and today my topic is Stryper’s “To Hell with the Devil.”

This heavy metal tune stirs up a passion inside of me, a desire to oppose and push back the onslaught of evil. I’m not talking about evil within this world; my focus is on evil in the spiritual realm. In short, I want to be spiritually militant.

Some people diminish or dismiss the concept of an evil spiritual force, that is, the devil, a.k.a., Satan, the enemy, the deceiver, the father of lies. In a modern world, he doesn’t make sense; after all, we can’t tangibly observe or measure him, so he must not exist; modern-thinking people laugh him off as myth. I do not.

Other people cower in fear over his power to inflict suffering. They see him as an equal and opposing force to the goodness of God. Instead of living in freedom, they shrink back in terror, worrying about what evil he might throw their way next. I do not.

Yes, our spiritual enemy is real, and he is powerful. But God is more powerful. I’m on the winning side. Through his power and by his authority, I can tell spiritual evil where to go; I can say with confidence, “To hell with the devil” – and I do, in both a figurative and literal sense.

As I read the Bible, especially the book of Acts, I get a sense that God wants spiritually militant followers. He desires we walk in his power and do battle in the spiritual realm. But too many people are content to play it safe, protected in the comfortable cocoon of complacency.

Fight Christian status quo; become spiritually militant. Check out the lyrics or listen to the song, “To Hell with the Devil”; join me in belting out the chorus.

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