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Thursday Morning Bible Posts Have Moved to Tuesday

Thursday Morning Bible Posts Have Moved to TuesdayIf you’re here today looking for my regular Thursday morning post about the Bible, it has moved to Tuesdays.

People who study blogs, social media, and Internet things, say that more people read Tuesday posts than Thursday posts. Who would have thought? Since I want more people to see my posts, I’ll try Tuesdays.

By the way, thanks for stopping by!

What’s Next for 52 Churches?

Our journey of visiting 52 Churches in a year is over. I shared my recap and my reflections on our pilgrimage. It was a great experience.

What’s next?

Quite a bit, actually. 52 Churches is now a book, seeking publication.

I only posted a fraction of what is in the book. Plus the book includes my summary and conclusions. If you want me to notify you when it is available, just email me.

But who says we need to stop at fifty-two? In the months since Church #52,a couple dozen and counting—continuing to explore how the various branches of Jesus’ church worship and serve him. Look for more posts about more churches in the future, perhaps one a month.

In many ways, 52 Churches isn’t over; it’s just beginning.

News Release: Peter DeHaan Overhauls Website

PeterDeHaan.com Integrates Author’s Main Blog and Website on One Unified Platform.

Mattawan, Michigan, March 12, 2014 – Peter DeHaan announced the completion of the overall of his website peterdehaan.com. The site, which shares his writing and career, features three exciting developments:

The new site is powered by WordPress, the world’s leading blogging and website platform. “This effort actually began a year and a half ago, almost as soon as the last website overhaul was finished,” said Peter. “Although WordPress was recommended at that time, I selected a different direction. That site looked great, but updating it was problematic from the start. Now with WordPress, making changes and adding new content is quick and easy.”

The second change is that for the first time, Peter’s main website and main blog are now fully integrated on the same site. “This allows people to read my blog posts and access information about me and my writing all at one place. There will be no more bouncing from the blog to the website and back again,” Peter added.

The final development is a fresh new look. “The pages have a clean appearance and navigation is a breeze. What’s interesting,” said the author, “is that the new site contains all the same information – as well as some new content – but it’s now easier to find and much more inviting to read.”

PeterDeHaan.com highlights Peter’s current writing and future projects, outlines his writing services, allows readers to subscribe to his newsletter, and lists his books, articles, and other blogs. The overhaul has been an ongoing process, evolving over the past few months while the site was live, with regular visitor seeing incremental changes every week.

News Release: Byline Blog Enjoys New Look On WordPress Platform

Peter DeHaan’s Writing Blog Facilitates Reader Interaction and Fosters Better Connections.

Mattawan, Michigan, Jun 28, 2013 – Peter DeHaan’s writing blog, Byline, celebrates thirty months of posts and reader comments with a fresh façade, supported by a robust platform. Powered by WordPress, the leading blogging platform, the revised Byline blog is greatly improved, with a clean, new format to make reading easier.

The blog features a more robust delivery of posts via email or RSS feed. Readers can make comments with one-click simplicity, avoiding frustrating Captcha codes to decipher. With an archive of 150 posts, Peter adds new content each Saturday.

“The old blogging platform was not being updated anymore,” stated Peter DeHaan, the blog’s chief writer. “WordPress presented an ideal solution, offering a familiar structure and providing many features to benefit readers. I’m excited with its present capabilities and the future opportunities it provides. I enjoy connecting and interacting with blog readers; already the new Byline blog is nicely meeting that need.”

Read, comment, and follow Peter DeHaan’s Byline blog.

News Release: Peter DeHaan Earns Second PhD

Lifelong Learner Focuses on Spiritual Issues

Mattawan, Michigan, September 24, 2012 – Peter DeHaan recently completed a second PhD, this one from Trinity College of the Bible and Trinity Theological Seminary. The Doctor of Philosophy degree was awarded “with high distinction” and is endorsed by Canterbury Christ Church University, England. It was conferred on June 15, 2012.

“Earning my first PhD was a lifelong goal, which I planned would end my formal education,” stated DeHaan. “But I later felt a prompting to go back for more education, this time focusing on spirituality. The result is my second PhD. This one took longer to realize but is also more rewarding.”

In the course of his studies, Peter researched and completed his dissertation, entitled The Convergent Church: Moving Towards The Unity For Which Jesus Prayed. He is currently seeking to publish it as a dissertation in order to further academic discourse on the subject, as well as to rework it into a more accessible text that will have greater appeal and wider application.

In the course of working on this dissertation, Peter realized a growing passion to write about spiritual issues. Having now completed his dissertation, he is presently in the writing stages of two books, with several more in various stages of development. He is also an active blogger, addressing his passion to explore spiritual matters and the Bible; those posts are accessible from his website.

Peter’s first PhD is a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration, awarded on May 13, 2000.

For more information, go to Peter DeHaan’s website.

News Release: Peter DeHaan Launches Blog, “The Musings of Peter DeHaan”

“The Musings of Peter DeHaan” to Expand Peter’s Online Articles and Commentary

Mattawan, Michigan, Jan 1, 2008 – Peter DeHaan, publisher of AnswerStat magazine, Connections Magazine, and the website, ArticleWeekly.com, launched a blog on January 1, simply entitled, “The Musings of Peter DeHaan.”

“I had been considering a blog for a couple of years,” DeHaan stated. “The feedback I receive on my articles and editorials is both affirming and encouraging. My main concern was wondering if I would have enough worthwhile topics to write about in a blog. Eventually, I concluded that this was not an issue – and the blog was launched!”

The blog will be similar in scope and tone to Peter’s “From the Publisher” in Connections Magazine and “Vital Signs” in AnswerStat magazine. As such, it will serve as a general purpose repository of his thoughts and observations, covering an array of subjects from the personal to the public and everywhere in between.

For more info visit Peter DeHaan’s website.