Women in the Bible

This year my Bible reading is focused on notable women in the Bible. Some are famous, many are obscure, and a few are infamous. It’s been in interesting study, and for the next several Thursdays I’ll share some of what I’m discovering.Women in the Bible

What I’ve learned already is that even though the writings in the Bible cover a time in history when men dominated the culture and women were disregarded, God often tapped his female followers to accomplish amazing things.

Join me in celebrating their lives and contribution to our shared faith. So far my list includes:

  1. Ruth
  2. Esther
  3. Deborah (the judge)
  4. Hannah (Samuel’s mom)
  5. Sarah (Abraham’s wife)
  6. Naomi (Ruth’s mother-in-law)
  7. Rebekah (Isaac’s wife)
  8. Rachel (one of Jacob’s wives)
  9. Leah (one of Jacob’s wives)
  10. Abigail (one of David’s wives)
  11. Michal (one of David’s wives)
  12. Tamar (in the family tree of Jesus)
  13. Rahab (in the family tree of Jesus)
  14. Bathsheba (in the family tree of Jesus)
  15. Naaman’s servant girl
  16. Jephthah’s daughter
  17. Mary (the mother of Jesus)
  18. Elizabeth
  19. Mary Magdalene
  20. Anna (the woman in the temple who awaited Jesus’ birth)
  21. Priscilla (wife of Aquila and friend of Paul)
  22. Eve
  23. Shiphrah and Puah (Exodus 1:15-21)
  24. Suzanna
  25. Judith
  26. Sapphira
  27. Jezebel

Who is your favorite? Who else should I add?

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