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Women in the Bible: The Mother of Jabez

Though an entire book was written about his prayer (The Prayer of Jabez), we actually know little about Jabez. The Bible only mentions him in two obscure verses, buried among a lengthy genealogy.

We know even less about the mother of Jabez, not even her name.

We do know his birth is difficult, and the name she gives him reflects the physical pain his arrival caused her. This is all we know about her.

However, we can infer more of her traits from the character of her son. Jabez is an honorable man, more honorable than others.

We also know he has a deep connection with God, for when Jabez prays a bold prayer, God answers it.

We can implicitly connect these qualities with his mother, the woman who raised him. Surely Jabez’s mother is a godly woman, who taught her son how to live an honorable life, follow God, and to pray with effectiveness.

What more could a mother give to her son?

[Read through the Bible with us this year. Today’s reading is 1 Chronicles 1-4 and today’s post is on 1 Chronicles 4:9-10.]

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7 replies on “Women in the Bible: The Mother of Jabez”

I really like that about jabez. He was a man of God and when he saw evil he asked GOD to enlarged his border i really like .i know that we may fall sometimes but when we do we have to ask for forgiveness GOD is a forgiving GOD and a merciful God .i just want to know who was his mother.THANK u for that about jabez

Sometimes names are given because they memorialise someone our parents like or admire. At other times the name has posterity value, given to favourites in the family line.
Many times names are given based on the emotions of our parents, particularly our mothers prior to or at the birth of the child.
Jabez’s name resulted from the excruciating pain his mother experienced and her consequential emotional state. In essence, Jabez caused severe pain to the one who gave birth to him; who introduced him to society. His name meant: “not conducive for happiness.” Jabez, a deep, honourable reflector upon his hurtful past, was probably graphically reminded about this daily by society. He, therefore, in a plaintiff plea, implored God to remove that limiting stigma and begged God to showcase him to the world as exceptionally blessed, because blessed people showcased the favour of God. This is a recipe for stemming the tide of generational curse, because your name precedes your reputation.

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