Visiting Churches

52 Churches Conclusion

The Journey Is Over, but the Insights Have Just Begun

As we told people about our journey of visiting fifty-two churches in a year, everyone was intrigued. They wanted to hear more and expressed great interest in the book.

A few were envious, wishing they could do the same, but most admitted they could never embark on such a bold quest and certainly not for a full year.

When you see my wife, acknowledge her involvement. She was such a good sport and a great support the entire time.

The purpose of the book, 52 Churches, is to share our adventure.

My prayer is that the narrative, especially the summary, will serve as a means for churches to improve what they do, be more visitor-friendly, and examine practices to make sure they do the right things for the right reasons.

Unfortunately, we witnessed many practices needing an overhaul.

More importantly, I hope readers will have a renewed sense of how diverse Christianity is. May we see other churches not as opposition or through heretical eyes but embrace them with acceptance.

Jesus’s church is vast, with many flavors and nuances. One version is not better than another, simply different. Let’s celebrate our variety and support one another on our faith journeys—regardless of which local branch we attend.

We’ll all celebrate together in heaven. Let’s start practicing here on earth.

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