Visiting Churches

An Intriguing Mystery: Church #74

Another church is Anglican Catholic. They’re also on my mental list of churches to visit. I expect their service to be much like Roman Catholic, but I’m not sure. It’s an intriguing mystery to me.

To compare them with Roman Catholicism and other high churches might offer good insight. I’m sure I can learn much and gather even more to contemplate about our common faith and our varied worship practices. 

Unlike other streams of Christianity and other Protestant denominations, I’ve never met anyone who was Anglican Catholic—at least not that I’m aware of.

Since I know nothing about them and don’t even have secondhand information to base an assessment on, they emerge for me with a mystical aura. I doubt that’s an accurate perception, but based on my lack of knowledge, it’s all I have.

Are they more like Catholicism or Protestantism? Does this question even matter?

To clarify my thinking, remove misconceptions, and inform a more accurate understanding will require an in-person visit.

There’s an Anglican Catholic church within a half hour drive of our home. But until we can visit this intriguing mystery of a church, I’ll have to consider them from a distance as an intriguing mystery to explore.

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