Visiting Churches

Another Small Church

This church looks abandoned. With only two other cars, today promises to be another tiny gathering. In terms of attendance, it’s a small church.

The 52 Churches Workbook, by Peter DeHaan

Consider these four discussion questions about Church #37

1. The interior offers nothing to counter my gloomy assessment. A missing ceiling tile in the entryway reveals a giant cobweb moving at the whim of the wind that enters with us. I think something is falling, and I duck. 

Look at your church building carefully. What must you clean, fix, or update?

2. We open the hymnal to the announced page, but the words are wrong. We’ve never heard the song and can’t participate. We stand mute while others sing with abandon. We later discover they have two hymnals. 

What do members know that guests might not?

3. For the rest of the songs they use an overhead projector to display the words. One of the teens switches out the transparencies, a role he takes seriously. 

How can you involve young people—the future of your church—in your service?

4. The preacher’s over-amplified speech reverberates throughout the sanctuary, making his message more akin to yelling. I sense a headache coming on. 

What steps can you take so that the audiovisual part of your service aids the experience and doesn’t distract from it?

Though there are things to celebrate at this small church, they’re outweighed by the negatives, by small things that need improvement.

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