What’s Next for 52 Churches?

Our journey of visiting 52 Churches in a year is over. I shared my recap and my reflections on our pilgrimage. It was a great experience.

What’s next?

Quite a bit, actually. 52 Churches is now a book, seeking publication.

I only posted a fraction of what is in the book. Plus the book includes my summary and conclusions. If you want me to notify you when it is available, just email me.

But who says we need to stop at fifty-two? In the months since Church #52, we’ve visited more – a couple dozen and counting – continuing to explore how the various branches of Jesus’ church worship and serve him. Look for more posts about more churches in the future, perhaps one a month.

In many ways, 52 Churches isn’t over; it’s just beginning.

2 thoughts on “What’s Next for 52 Churches?”

  1. Good for you, Peter, (and Candy going along). Being that we have so comfortably found our church home at last, I don’t want to miss but an occasional Sunday when out of town. Then it is an adventure. For a steady diet, no thank you. I admire your steadfastness and now the purpose behind it.m

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