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Nine Guys Named Simon in the Bible

Simon Peter and More…

In the last post, we talked about the disciple Simon, who Jesus named Peter. I only know of one person called Peter in the Bible, but there are several guys named Simon in the Bible.

  1. Simon Peter (the disciple)
  2. Simon the Zealot (another disciple, which may be why Jesus called the other Simon, Peter)
  3. Simon the brother of Jesus (his other brothers were James, Joseph, and Judas)
  4. Simon the leper (the owner of the home where Jesus’ head was anointed with oil)
  5. Simon from Cyrene (who carried Jesus’ cross)
  6. Simon the Pharisee (the owner of the home where Jesus feet were washed with perfume)
  7. Simon Iscariot (father of Judas Iscariot)
  8. Simon the sorcerer (who asked to buy Holy Spirit power)
  9. Simon the tanner (who Peter stayed with in Joppa when Cornelius sent for him)

I would have never guessed there were this many guys named Simon in the Bible (in addition to three guys named Simeon).

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33 replies on “Nine Guys Named Simon in the Bible”

I was visited by Simon in a dream. Not sure which one. He did not answer my questions regarding the Trinity or Buddism. He spoke to my wife ,a Buddist Christian, in a language I did not understand. His answers to me were through his expressions as if to say I know the answers. I was elated with the visit! In morning reading Simon the leper was mentioned! Any idea what this is about?

Duane, this is interesting, but I can only guess at the answer to your question. But if the dream came form God, ask him what it means. I’m confident he will answer. May it be so!

I counted 11 ,
1) LUKE 2:25
2) GENESIS 29:33
but on further verification
it is cleared that they are Simeon
not Simon. So. …Thanks
Jose Richard

Is Simon in Luke 4:38-39 Peter or someone else?

And where it is written in the bible to not not to go alone for the ministry, but always visit a home along with another person/friend preferably wife.

I am from India and learning to know Bible.

Dr. Aryan, thanks for reading this post (and signing up for my newsletter.) I view this Simon as Simon Peter, given the context. Also, some versions of the Bible, such as The Amplified Bible, identify him as Simon Peter.

As for your other question about not going alone in ministry, I don’t recall any place where the Bible says that. However, Jesus did send out his disciples in pairs (Luke 10:1) and Ecclesiastes 4:10 talks about the wisdom of having a friend to help you if you fall. Last, Peter did take his wife with on occasion (1 Corinthians 9:5). I hope that helps.

May God bless you on your journey with him!

I thought Simon the leper and Simon the Pharisee were the same man? What makes you think they are different. I am preach in a sermon on Simon of Cyrene. Thanks.

Rev. Thangasamy you ask a great question.

If we take Luke’s account of a woman anointing Jesus’s feet as being the same account Mark and Matthew describe of a women anointing Jesus’s head, then Simon the leper is likely the same as Simon the Pharisee.

However, I think that Luke describes a different event than does Matthew and Mark. That removes any linking of Simon the leper and Simon the Pharisee being the same person.

(In a couple of weeks, I’ll post an excerpt from one of my books that looks into the four account of a woman who anoints Jesus.)

Thanks for asking! May your message on Simon of Cyrene go well!

Thanks for taking the time answer my query Dr. DeHann. I will wait for your other article before I preach on Simon of Cyrene. When I mention all other Simons in the NT, I want to be careful not to make a mistake. Thanks and may God bless the great work you are doing.


It makes an interesting question from a layperson to a Rabbi ” Where is the name Simon in The Old Testament?”. The name is so practical more than David or even Jesse. It has a Hebrew sound like Saul or Samuel.

The thought came, thanks to the Lord, of why there were so many Marys in the New Testament. The answer is that the mount on which Abraham was led to sacrifice Issac was call Moriah. A variant of Moriah is Mary or Maria. Mind blowing, right?! So then the thought came of why there were so many Simons. I have not been able to find that answer. While searching i stumbled upon here. Would you be able to give some insight or direction to this question?

Hello, I am Alvin Chua from Malaysia. I am deaf. One more is Simon Magus (magician), is it right?

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