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How Many Times Should We Forgive Someone?

Jesus shared a story (parable) about forgiving others.

Jesus’ illustration was prompted by Peter, who asked if forgiving someone seven times was enough; Peter thought seven times was generous. Jesus upped the figure considerably, saying seventy-seven times.

We don’t take this amount literally, instead understanding that Jesus really meant we need to forgive others “more times than we can count” or “without limit.”

Jesus’ story, however, takes the idea of forgiveness to another level. A man, who owed a huge debt he could never repay, begged for mercy, for more time to make payment. But instead of receiving additional time, the debt was forgiven.

But then the man threatened someone who owed him a tiny bit of money. No mercy was given; no forgiveness was offered. He withheld from others what had been given to him.

Because of the man’s selfishness and not treating others as he was treated, his debt was reinstated and he was thrown into prison and tortured. Our fate will be no different if we don’t forgive others.

We, who have been forgiven much by God, need to likewise forgive others. The risk of withholding forgiveness is too great.

[Read through the Bible with us this year. Today’s reading is Matthew 17-19, and today’s post is on Matthew 18:21-35.]

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I remember cringing when I would read that portion in scripture about how forgiving God wants us to be. It was okay with me that he forgave me without me deserving it. Maybe on some level I thought I did deserve it. But the ones who have hurt me? Well, I’d rather give them judge them. I’m so thankful God continues to conform me to his image. I’m so glad he is the ultimate forgiver. Good post to meditate on. Thanks, Peter.

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