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Questions In Genesis

In my prior posts, In the Beginning, Creation or Evolution, and the Time-Space Continuum I pondered about the reality behind our origins.

The Bible’s book of Genesis provides us with an explanation of how things began. This is an account that would have been comprehensible to ancient man, one that would have sufficiently answered the timeless question of “Where did we come from?” in a way that a primitive people would have understood.

But the debate for a modern man is if the Genesis saga is mere mythology, scientifically sound, or theological truth. I hold firmly to this third view and am simultaneously open to the second, while firmly rejecting the first.

As I read the creation account in Genesis, many questions come to mind. These are not faith-confronting issues, but rather ponderings that lead me to conclude that there is more to the story than what the Bible provides.

I will share my creation queries in future posts, not to poke holes in the creation narrative, but to stand in awe of a creator who has all the answers, but didn’t feel it germane to share the details.

So, despite unanswered questions, I am unfazed. Isn’t that what faith is?

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I “think” it is about God is light. The only real solid thing that we can definitely know about the genesis week as far as scientific is God has given us time in this week. When this week is fulfilled, this week will run out of time and the eternal and eternity takes the chosen. Heaven and earth fades away. A new genesis story will begin. At least, one thing is sure. scientist and the word of god agree that this universe will go away with a flash. The scientist have a vacuum theory which will be very fast. God has the twinkle of the eye which is about a billionth of a second. In both cases, this universe will be shapeless and void.

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