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Zephaniah Asks: What Do You Really Rely Upon?

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The short Old Testament book of Zephaniah opens with an apocalyptic prophecy. Amid the forth telling of doom and gloom is the reminder that “neither their silver nor their gold will be able to save them.”

The Message Bible, puts it more directly: “Don’t plan on buying your way out. Your money is worthless for this.” Do we put our trust in our money today? Do we view money as the solution?

What do we really depend on to save us from disaster? For most people, there is the real answer and the right answer—and they’re not always the same.

When things go bad, really bad, the end-of-time-bad, money’s not the solution, neither are things, nor power, nor influence, not even family and friends. Zephaniah knows this. So do we.

We inherently know that ultimately only a higher power can save us, only God is the answer for life’s final question.

We know that, but do we actually believe it? Do we actually live it?

Do we trust God with our future or place our hope in money—or ourselves. Jesus confirms that we can’t serve them both.

There are eternal consequences at stake. Don’t make the wrong choice.

[Read through the Bible with us this year. Today’s reading is Luke 16-18 and today’s post is on Luke 16:13.]

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