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Three Ecumenical Guidelines

Ecumenical Is a Word Some May Be Unfamiliar With

One definition of ecumenical means “relating to the worldwide Christian church.” A broader understanding is “establishing and promoting unity among religions.”

More generically, ecumenical simply means “worldwide; universal.”

In simple terms, I understand ecumenical to mean unifying. So that means ecumenical guidelines are advice to unify us. Yes, we need some ecumenical guidelines in our world today.

Towards this goal, three ecumenical guidelines—that is, unifying guidelines—advance our understanding:

“In essentials, unity;
in non-essentials, liberty;
in all things charity.”

Though the author of this brilliant advice is in debate, its wisdom is not.

May our list of essentials be short, our non-essentials held loosely, and our mercy and tolerance without limit.

[This quote is often attributed to Augustine, but that cannot be confirmed. John Amos Comenious advocated this in the 1600s, and he may have been citing Peter Meiderlin.]

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